If your anything like me, hearing the wonderful news that someone important in your life is going to be expecting a baby will selfishly set you into an ecstatic frenzy of ‘YES!!…someone else is going to join me over here on the other side of what they call ‘Motherhood!’. It enables you to add yet another friend to the list of people whom will now fully understand why Calpol becomes your best friend and why going to the toilet is possibly the best shot you’ll ever get at achieving a break for a whole 2 minutes of the day. (That’s IF they don’t decide to follow you in there!) So for you personally it’s the best news you’ve had in months, things are going great…until all of a sudden it dawns on you….It’s YOU that will be the one responsible for throwing THE Mother of all Baby Showers! Oh Crap. You’ve seen Pinterest right? You’ve seen the level of precedence this bitch has been setting for us all and now it’s your time to show your dear knocked up friend that you are worthy of such a charitable cause…I mean challenge. Hopeful? Well you will be once you’ve read this post.

I’m going to share some knowledge I have learnt from the experience of having had to throw a few that will hopefully enable you to prepare for the Ultimate of Baby Showers! Along with a few easy DIY tutorials that will help get your creative juices flowing and enable you to pull off such a memorable day.

So, as with most events, you have to decide on a few things from the get go….

  • Theme – Will it have something continuous throughout? Animals, Monochrome, Characters, etc?
  • Colour – Anything favourable? Do you know the sex of the baby? Pink, Blue, Unisex? Something the mum particularly likes?
  • Budget – Are you responsible for all costs or are you splitting it between the party? (Trust me this is a BIG thing to determine early on as it will effect your budgets for everything – props, food, gifts, stationery, etc.)
  • Scale – Is this going to be a something that is kept small and intimate or is this something your friend will expect everyone she’s known since birth to come to? Again this will effect your budget, so it is really worth trying to decipher your party number as early on as possible.  (An RSVP cut off date is usually a good way to get a final number decided by a certain time.)

Once you have your head around a few of these things then trust me your job will automatically become that much easier and most importantly, more enjoyable. I find giving myself as much time as possible to purchase things I may need is a golden piece of advice I must pass onto you. #1. Who wants to waste time going from shop to shop looking for particular items and #2. Who wants to pay a premium for supplies when you could have ordered them online from a much cheaper supplier if you’d just got your butt into gear and done it earlier right? Creating a mood board I feel sometimes helps to gather ideas for what you may require, (yes this is where Pinterest comes in handy again), it also helps you get a feel for how the event is starting to look in your mind and how realistic your time and budget is going to have to be when you make a start.

Then once organised, it’s onto the next task of implementing and executing all these fabulous ideas you’ve got flying around in your head. How much effort you put into this next stage is what will basically credit your friends Baby Shower as being the absolute nuts or a poor tragic gathering that not even alcohol could resolve. The pressure in on people and is the only thing standing in your way of being asked to fulfil obligatory god mother duties to this highly anticipated unborn child. So get your shizzle together and don’t forget – the more effort you put in, the more this will transpire on the day and is guaranteed to not go unnoticed. A little effort goes a long way and can certainly help create that maximum impact. So let’s break it down….


Generally this entails maybe Balloons, Pom Pom Garlands, Personalised Signage, Party Props, etc. You can click on any of the pictures below and be taken into some easy DIY tutorials for some of the items I made for a Baby Shower I hosted recently.


Generally for this I suggest mixing it up a little, everyone loves a little bit of friendly competition and you’ll be surprised at how this can act as such a valued ice breaker for people that don’t necessarily know everyone present or are maybe naturally a bit more reserved. I find a few individual games such as baby related Word Searches and Quizzes are a great way to keep it civilised to start (although there’s always one that takes it a bit too seriously, that’s me by the way) and then maybe try balancing it out with a few Action Games. The timed ‘Change a Babies Nappy’ game is always a good one, along with guesstimating how big the Mum to be’s bump is. Another great one I must add that we played was one I named ‘Fanny Bucket’ and it was hilarious; you each basically take it in turns to place a ping pong sized ball in between your knees and you have to waddle, slide, embarrassingly hustle to a bucket or tub. The tub must be placed at the other end of the room and must be large enough for you to stand over as you strategically drop the ball into the opening. TRUST ME, this is much harder and funnier than it sounds. Time each go and the winner is the one who manages to drop it in with the quickest time on the stop watch.

For winners I organised a little hamper where a winner could select one of the budget items I had brought that were all ‘shower’ related. So sponges, shower gel, beauty products, etc all purchased for around £1-2 each so very cost effective and definitely worth having for each game.

*Looking for quizzes and games that are all ready for printing? Then head over to my Etsy Store where you can simply click, download and print the ones you require. 


Well for this point I really do feel that it’s an ‘each to their own’ kind of job. Although one thing I will point out is that you have to bare in mind that you are throwing this party for a Pregnant Chic. So what’s one of only things she’s been able do guilt free for 9months…that’s right, EAT! If your like me and don’t need the excuse of having to be pregnant to stuff your face full of crap then just be prepared, women at a baby shower will happily help her not feel so bad and eat as much as they can also. However, there are a few tips to remember so that you don’t over buy or more importantly over spend. #1. Is to buy food that you can top up as and when throughout the event, and stick to things that you can keep for the next day if it doesn’t all get eaten (think pastas, sausage rolls, crisps, etc) #2. Is to buy food that people actually want to eat. Sounds obvious right? But ask yourself how many events have you attended where you’ve starved your greedy little ass off because there was a measly sandwich (ewww) and a few crisps to divide between you all? Buy food that you yourself would actually want to eat, chances are the people your hosting for will want the same as you. #3. Keep it as simple as possible, something you can either give yourself time to prepare for with ease or something that just needs bunging in the oven. Better yet, M&S (if your posh) or Aldi (if your tight like me) have plenty of ready made stuff to select from. You are doing enough organising already so rushing around preparing food is the last thing you want to be doing. Call me mad but what crisps are served in is wayyy more of a priority, hence the easy DIY tutorial below, and little touches into the presentation is far more appealing for someone like me. Oh! and if your a bit of a perfectionist, (yes again, just like me) then it’s all about getting your hands on some matching colour themed sweets. Mine were blue and as you can probably predict, there were none of these bad boys left over!


Then last but not least there are the real tear jerkers. The little details that may possibly be your last chance to crack this poor, already emotional and hormone riddled friend of yours into a happy meltdown. These are the things that you want her to be able to keep as a reminder of what a wonderful day she has shared and more importantly, what a bad’ass job you did in organising it! As a lover of art I have always preferred having the option to display the things that mean the most to me like this Finger Print Art Frame, an alternative to a guest book and a lovely gift to add to the babies nursery. I also chose a Homemade Hamper that I thought she would actually get to use and appreciate instead of just ‘another’ set of baby grows to go with the thousand she already has. Let’s face it, when is there going to be another instance where it’s acceptable to gift someone nipple cream? And lastly, it ain’t ALL about her! Find a little way to acknowledge and treat all the guests that have also attended and helped in making her day such a memorable one. These little Nail Varnishes complete with Gift Tags cost £1 each and every guest loved the fact that they had been thought of also.

(What can I say, I’m a sucker for a keepsake!)

SO there you have it guys! I hope this post has given you a few tips and a little inspiration if your soon to be tackling a Baby Shower your in charge of. Anyone had any other ideas you’ve implemented before that worked out well? I’d love to hear about them in the comments box below!

Good luck!



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