SO unless you’ve been hiding under a rock recently you’ll be very aware that this Scandi inspired interior craze has really taken the UK by storm over the last few years. However, heading to IKEA and purchasing anything that belongs in the market hall wont quite cut this look if your wanting to subtly incorporate this style into your home. As much as I am a major lover of how clean and effortless this style can be, it’s apparent that there is a fine line between sharp desirable simplicity and lifeless, mediocre and, dare I say it, BORING home decor. Unfortuneatly, if implemented badly this is the exact result you’ll achieve – a cold and empty portrayal and a very undeserving outcome to a place we inhabit for 70% of our lives.

One of the consistent similarities I’ve noted with anyone that has managed to nail this Hygge look is the unmissable print work that hangs on display. A lot of it based around impressionable Typography and bold Fonts and would you believe it – they just happen to be two of my most favourite things. (No wonder I love this style so.) Maybe it’s my biased love and appreciation for such graphic detailing that makes me favour minimal typography art so much but with such explanative visuals you either love this detailing or you hate it. In my opinion, an aesthetically pleasing font somehow manages to polish this style off perfectly. Whilst still maintaining that option for personalisation which you’d expect to see within ones home, stopping even the simplest of gallery walls becoming the ‘B’ word. (Boring, for those still figuring it out.)

Well it got me thinking, to celebrate my love for font (and to hopefully make my Pappa proud), I have put together some FREE Printable Typography Art for you all in the design of singular italic letter formation. You can simply download your chosen letter of the alphabet from the thumbnails below (oh yes, I have covered all 26 and added just one more for luck)….and frame – Easy Peasy!


Whether you are wanting to achieve that minimalist look or requiring a simple statement print to stand out within your personal gallery wall, you can’t go wrong with this Typography. The font I’ve chosen represents the three ‘S’s – sexy, sophisticated and simplistic…. desirable characteristics for any credible Scandi print.

Still unsure? Then check out how beautifully executed this same style has been achieved and displayed within these examples….

Photo Credit – Bloglovin
Photo credit –
Photo Credit – Elle Decor
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So there you have it – One of the simplest ways to achieve this effortless yet oh so effective Scandi look –

Enjoy all you Minimalistic Lovers!


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