So it’s fast approaching that time of the year that people either love or hate. Yep, Valentines Day. Personally myself I’ve always sat on the fence with this one, never really minding it per-say but not essentially giving it much significance either. In my opinion you don’t need a gimmick day to acknowledge the appreciation and worth you hold for your other half, (most of the time!) Having said this, we all know that one person in our lives who absolutely loves to get swept up in the hype of the day, over indulge in all the sickening romance and splash out on the unnecessary extravagant gifts. However, over here in the real world there are some of us more down to earth folk that do still exist – who are a few years into marriage, a couple of kids down and who’s blissful idea of romance is allowing the other person to accomplish a rare lie in on the weekend. Ahhh….HEAVEN. If this sounds all to familiar and anyone can relate then I’m sure you’ll agree it’s always the little thoughtful token gestures that mean the most and hold the dearest sentiment.

That’s why I’ve put together my top 3 DIY Valentine Budget Ideas that are simple, take no time to complete and each display a personal touch making them unique to you and totally appropriate for this occasion. With a simple trip to IKEA to source most of the materials, you’ll also be pleased to hear that each project comes in at under £6 each! (Now that is something to throw a lot of love at!)

Now that you’ve taken a little butchers, if there are any of the above that take your fancy then why not give them a try by clicking on the links below that will take you straight to the DIY’s and supply you with all the FREE pdf’s I have designed that you will need to complete.

DIY | Valentines Candles

DIY | Spoon Design Pillowcases

DIY | 3D Heart Frame

So GO get creating this weekend guys and show that person just how much you appreciate them by putting in some effort and completing one or all of these simple ideas…because let’s face it, chocolates will only get you the blame for them piling on the pounds and the expensive champagne will only result in another VERY expensive present 9 months later! Have Fun!






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