So this post is a pretty juicy one as I’ve seen so many variants of this design floating around on Pinterest and available online and via other High Street Stores – however I’m going to show you how to achieve this ‘Big Spoon / Little Spoon’ Design on your Pillowcases for a fraction of the price by encouraging you to get crafty and to make them yourself!

To complete your very own set of ‘Big & Little Spoon’ DIY Pillowcases you will need – 

A4 Iron Transfer Paper (be sure to order the type for light coloured material!) 10x sheet pack available on Amazon or Ebay.

White Pillowcase set – sourced from anywhere as long as they are made from cotton fabric, I opted for the DVALA Set from IKEA costing me only £3 for the two.

A Printer and an Iron.

That’s all folks!

Now follow this really simple step by step guide below and why not add a romantic touch to your Bedroom just in time for Valentines…

Simply download your FREE pdf Designs here…   Big Spoon  / Little Spoon

(You will have to download them separately as they require one A4 sheet each.)

Once you have downloaded your PDF simply set your Printer settings to Best Print and to Landscape. You will notice that the text is back to front, this is deliberate so that when you face it down and iron onto the fabric it will read correctly. When loading your Transfer Paper into your Printer be sure that you have accounted for the text being printed onto the front of the sheet (plain side) and not onto the back of the paper (where visible lines usually appear.) Some printers will differ in methods but I always have to load my paper reverse side up to print on the correct side required.

Cut along the guide lines I have added to the design. This will dispose of any access paper. You can cut closer to the text if you wish but make sure you leave an approx 1cm space.
Now make sure you have set your iron to the hottest degree. If you decide to iron your pillowcase first, then make sure you let it cool down before placing your transfer onto the top. Align in the middle of your case and when you are happy with the composition, slowly using circular movements start to iron over your transfer. This usually takes around 90seconds but check the instructions that came with your specific Iron Transfer Paper as these can vary slightly.
Once this has completely cooled, you can begin to remove the top layer of your paper with one smooth continuous movement. This will prevent any visible crease lines from happening during this removal process. You will now reveal your design reading the right way. YAY!
Repeat the process for both pillowcases, ready for dressing your bed!


To watch a quick Video Tutorial and to Subscribe to my You Tube channel then simply click below…

I am so thrilled with how these turned out – this really is such an easy step tutorial to complete displaying one of my new favourite fonts! Literally, once you have purchased your Iron On Transfer Paper the possibilities are endless – I use this same process to personalise so many things as it’s honestly such a fun way to incorporate your own style onto different items.

Hope you guys enjoy and let me know if there’s anything else that comes to mind that you’d maybe like your pillows to say…who knows, I may design a few other options for you – Good luck!


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