So this little DIY will cost you no more than 85p per candle guys, even the most cynical people can warrant spending that much on someone they luuurrvvveee…

Seriously though, with this thoughtful freebie I’ve designed it will add that personal and finishing touch to something that will cost hardly anything, leaving you with no excuse to turn up empty handed on Valentines Day!

You’ll need to purchase¬†yourself some candles from IKEA – they come in varied sizes and scents so choose your preference, (you can’t go wrong with Vanilla though right?! This one was SINNLIG and cost 85p for the smaller one I’ve used in this tutorial or ¬£2.50 for the larger size.

Simply download your FREE PDF here and PRINT onto A4 Adhesive paper.

Now cut out your stickers and remove all the original packaging from your IKEA candles.
Remove the back of your adhesive paper and transfer carefully onto the clean surface area of your candle.
….and Voila!
For those that want to go just that little step further, find a cute little box to house them in and there you have it… A sweet little Valentines Gift that definitely wont break the bank and will serve as a thoughtful, heartfelt keepsake for someone you love!

Click below to watch the Video ‘How To’ and to subscribe to my You Tube channel…

Don’t forget to let me know what you all think in the comments box below and I hope you all enjoy your Valentines this year!


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