Well I’ll be honest, this little DIY was literally inspired from me having asked my middle child a hundred times to repeatedly pick up his damn lego! I mean how many times must a mother continuously have to hear her own voice say the same thing over and over again? Not to mention recently being enlightened on the fact that my one year old had managed to consume a hungry hippo ball with me completely oblivious. (Yes, I was blissfully unaware of his dangerous choice in snack until it made an appearance out the other end!) Jezzz these kids, they sure do love to keep us on our toes. Never the less us mums still hear a sparkly new box of lego calling out our names as we’re scrolling through a shop and what do we do? We somehow cave in, purchase the damn stuff and then spend countless of hours building the annoyingly addictive models that never have a chance of staying how you built them once they’ve been placed in the devil hands of our darling children.

So you can imagine my predicament when I popped into the Pound Shop on a recent trip to buy materials for some other projects and what do they have? A whole box of lego imitation type people on special offer for….(wait for it)….a £5! All of them seemed to be dressed as some type of hero or work person which made them super cute and perfect for my 4 year old. Now at this moment in time every single logical instinct was telling me NOT to make any eye contact with the little people full of a thousand hazardous choking pieces. He’d never know I had walked away from something that would bring him such momentary joy and could just forget I ever saw it. So naturally I did the complete opposite, picked up the item (wondering if I should purchase more than one) and proudly made my way to the till, convinced I had just bagged myself a bargain. Ah ha, yes. Only I could manage to find an item in the ‘pound shop’ that wasn’t in fact a pound. (Oh the irony.) Whatever. For what I wanted to do with them it was still a good deal.

So now you know my thought process behind it let’s crack on with the step by step DIY tutorial. You wont believe just how easy it is….

Materials you will need – 

The materials you will need



So for this particular DIY I chose to use the GUNNOBA 30x40cm frame from IKEA. Generally you may see other tutorials for this type of thing using the RIBBA frame which would work just as well, however I feel the Gunnoba frames have a slightly nicer finish and aren’t so saturated within this type of activity giving it more of an over all appeal.  (OK yes, you got me. The pencils from ikea too.)

They come in two sizes available in 30 x 21 cm for £5 or 30 x 40 cm for £7.

Now just follow these simple steps to create your own little master piece – 

Remove all materials from packaging.
Place your card onto the back of the frame insert and fix into place with tape.
Divide the accommodating space equally between the amount of lego figures you wish to use. A good way to visualise an even amount of spacing is to start a row of figures along the top and then do the same with a row going down.
Alternatively, if you wish to be more precise, you can do the math and split the page evenly and accordingly marking the middle placement of each individual figure. (Something I’ll admit I didn’t have the patience for!)
Once you are happy with all the placements of the figures set to work with your glue gun. Adding a small bit of glue to the back of the lego man and an additional bit to the back of any head gear one may be wearing.
Once they are set, (which is pretty fast if your using a glue gun) place all parts back into the frame in correct order and then simply choose a relevant place to admire your handy work. Or to tease the kids with.


Tadaaarrrr! See… easy peasy lemon squeezy! My son absolutely loved this piece when I surprised him with it in his bedroom, he didn’t even ask to take them all out. Personally, I think it is such a simple and relevant thing to make for any avid Lego Lover that you could complete the DIY just for your own walls or even make it as a gift for someone. If they are into their lego I’m sure they’ll love it and it will only cost you £12 in total! BARGAIN!

What do you think? Are any of you guys going to give it a go? Would love to hear how your ones turn out so hit me up in the comments box below and let me see you get making!

Have fun!





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