Well it doesn’t get much more Personalised than this – A small 3D Heart Frame based on all the places that have a significance to either you and maybe someone you love, making it a perfect little DIY gift this Valentines.


Materials you will need to complete this DIY are –

A small 3D frame at IKEA – I chose the MOSSEBO line in white in the size 13x18cm costing only £3 | Scissors | Glue | Printer.

Start by googling different looking maps of your chosen places. Make sure you try and size them all roughly around the same in whatever programme you are using on your computer. Then if your not confident drawing a heart freehanded find a heart template, again on google or clipart, so that you can use this as a guide to draw around directly onto each map.
Once you drawn around your hearts cut them all out.
Remove all original packaging from your frame and insert whatever desired background card you wish onto the mount in the frame. I cut just white card down to size and glued this on using UHU.
Now with a flat edge fold your hearts down the middle to create a crease that will give your heart a 3D effect when inside the frame.
Now apply your glue down the back crease of your heart and mount to the centre of your insert.

Decide whether you wish to add any writing to text to point out what each heart represents, (ie. first date, where you live, where you got married, etc.) and place inside the frame.
Now watch your loved ones face light up as they open your thoughtful and beautifully handmade gift!


Click below to see a quick Video on ‘How to’ make this project and to subscribe to my You Tube. 

I hope you guys find this little DIY as personal as I do, what places hold significance to you? Good luck and make sure to let me know how you got on in the comments box below!



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