OK. By now I think anyone who has even the remotest bit of interest in interiors has established that Brass is a HUGE trend that has taken over the interiors world and whether you love it or hate it, our metal friend appears to be here to stay. There’s no denying it adds that bit of style to just about anything whilst always portraying that effortless class it undoubtedly owns. Anyone that follows my personal taste knows I’M A BIG FAN. So here was my dilemma. I’ve been after a brass set of cutlery ‘for in like ever’ (said in my most annoying American accent) and being the research queen that I’m renowned for  was growing increasingly frustrated at the fact that I was unable to find a decent set that was A. NOT going to cost me an arm and a leg and B… well actually, that was my only aim in this task! Having to realistically get my head around the fact that I was looking at having to separate myself with around £30 at least (for just one set people) I was not impressed. The other issue I face at times is having to feed the 5000 (ok, realistically around 8-10 people in one hit but still feels the same right?) so with this in mind I was going to be looking at spending over £200… On cutlery. Not trainers. Not essentials for the kids. Not even that magic night cream I could really do with investing in right now. Nope, knives and forks… Hmmm yea, even I couldn’t warrant it!… I mean I may have potentially achieved nice cutlery but I’ll admit, it helps being able to afford food to eat it with going forward hey.

So you can imagine my excitement when finally I stumbled on a set of 24 pieces that ONLY cost £34.99. THAT’S RIGHT!

Where from I hear you ask? You really want to know? ….OK….it was only in bluddy Argos people innit! Plus at that price I’d even have sets to spare in’all! Now generally when there’s a deal like this to be had I feel my natural pessimistic voice start to kick in, convincing myself not to be fooled as 9 times out of 10 it ends up being too good to be true. However, I’m pleased to inform you that on this occasion I’ll admit I was wrong. (Something I hate having to do.) I went ahead and purchased two of these Argos items fearing that once I got them out of the box they’d look like nothing they’d portrayed to be online or worse that they may tarnish easily after some light use and I’d be unable to gain a refund but nope. My cutlery is still looking as lovely as it did the day of purchase and I’m so thrilled with them I thought I’d dedicate a whole blog post just to rave about this item. Hold up wait a minute, it get’s even better guys…


OFFER NOW ON  –  WAS £34.99  NOW £24.99

After just checking to grab a screen shot they’ve even gone down in price due to a special offer purchase being applied atm…Unbelievably you can grab 6 sets of this Brass Cutlery for only a staggering £24.99! So if your looking for a brass set or have faced any of the dilemmas I had then I can’t recommend purchasing these enough, you won’t be disappointed …you can thank me later!

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