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My name is Maxeme and I have finally taken the plunge and decided to create this little space filled with DIY tutorials and Inspo for all items appearing to be bang on trend in the Home Decor and Lifestyle department.

For years now I have wanted to show people my own personal ethos which is ‘If you can’t find it, Make it!’. Creating things I covet the most (for wayyy less of a price tag) is totally my bag and I can’t wait to show you just how easy and cost effective this really can be if your prepared to get stuck in and DIY. It’s also the thoughtful, personal and sentimental touch this process brings to every item which credits it with value and makes it such a worth while task to do. Wether it’s building furniture for your new home, creating the perfect bedroom for your crazy kids or marking an important life event with such personal touches, I can guarantee it wont go unnoticed if you give some of these posts a try! (or if you really can’t be arsed, head to the shop and I’ll do it for you innit!) 

So things you need to know about me

I’m a wifey, a mumma to three crazy kids Aeva, Xavier and Rocco and to be perfectly honest doing anything creative in these recent years has been the only thing that’s kept me sane during this transition into ‘adulthood’ lol. My background is so varied I wouldn’t even know where to begin but its ended up here with me doing pretty much a combo of what my parents did ; (my mum was in interior design and my dad was the best typographer in London baby.)

Lastly I apologise for my sarcasm in advance but it’s slightly untameable, generally if you can’t find me I’m lost in TK Max and unfortunately the most popular thing I tend to accidentally say out loud is ‘I could make that.’ #truestory.